Monday, January 21, 2008

Noam Chomsky : Does public opinion count?

In fact, in our elections, the issues are unknown. There’s careful efforts to make sure that the issues are unknown to the public, for good reasons. There’s a tremendous gap between public opinion and public policy. So you have to keep away from issues and concentrate on imagery and delusions and so on.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Jon Stewart reacts to press coverage of Hillary crying

Jon Stewart reacted to the media circus surrounding Hillary's "emotional breakdown." "That's it? That's the emotional breakdown that blows the election for her? I'm glad no one here ever sees me get a flu shot,"

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US Medical System: The Worst in 19 Industrialized Nations

France, Japan and Australia rated best and the United States worst in new rankings focusing on preventable deaths due to treatable conditions in 19 leading industrialized nations, researchers said on Tuesday. U.S sees 100,000 extra deaths per year. That's roughly one every five minutes, around the clock, 24/7/365 -- every year.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hillary did not win NH; Obama and Hillary tied for NH

Hillary may have had a 2% popular lead over Obama, but it's meaningless because both Obama and Hillary got 9 delegates creating a tie in NH.

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Fears of Obama Assassination Lead to Increased Security

Secret Service presence has increased for Sen. Barack Obama since his dramatic win in Iowa, amid fears over the safety of the man seeking to become America's first black president. The Internet is rife with theories that someone may try to assassinate the senator — typing into Google "assassinate Obama" brings up more than 2,000 hits.

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Paul Begala: Fox News: We Report Even if We Know It's False

Paul is shocked that Fox News doesn't tell the truth. After years of discredited stories, allegations and documented biases a professional pundit is shocked. This assumption that your colleagues are "trustworthy" and should not be questioned explains why the traditional media is held in such low regard. Guess what Paul CNN ain't a whole lot better

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Monday, January 7, 2008

O'Reilly's bulldog crap

Why do they even think he's a reporter of any sort? He's a thug and bully, and the worst low-life type.

Obama and O'Reilly in Nashua

FOX Stock at 52 Week Low Due to Electioneering Charges

NewsWire / New York / 1-5-08 // Fox News parent company NewsCorp (NWS/NYSE) has lost over $3 billion in market capitalization in less than a week as the stock plummeted to a 52 week low amid electioneering charges against Fox for excluding a major presidential candidate from a nationally televised forum. Many feel Fox is trying to rig the election.

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Obama staffer says O’Reilly confrontation got physical!

BillO freaks.

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McGovern’s Impeach Bush-Cheney Op-Ed in Washington Post

All the major newspapers refused to print Wexler, Gutierrez, and Tammy Baldwin’s impeachment op-ed recently so it’s surprising to see The Washington Post finally allow an argument to be made for just that on their sacred pages: “Why I Believe Bush Must Go: Nixon Was Bad. These Guys Are Worse.” The Village elders will be most upset.

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How to Rig an Election: Convicted GOP Phone Jammer tells all

The former consultant, who served three months in jail last year, tells his story and reveals secrets of the trade in his new book, Raymond blames the Republican Party for making him the fall guy and claims that his scheme was approved by a top state GOP official and the Republican National Committee

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Talk of Hillary exit engulfs campaign

Facing a double-digit defeat in New Hampshire, a sudden collapse in national polls and an expected fund-raising drought, Senator Hillary Clinton is preparing for a tough decision: Does she get out of the race? And when?!"She can't take multiple double-digit losses in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada," laments one top campaign insider.

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Liberals: This Is How You Roll When On FOXNews

By now many of you have heard about Bill O’Reilly’s meltdown at a Barack Obama event in New Hampshire Saturday and on Sunday, The Huffington Post’s Roy Sekoff went on FOXNews to discuss the blogs’ coverage of the primaries — as the topic turned to BillO, Sekoff gave a textbook example of how all liberals should act when on FOX.

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GOP Doubts, Fears 'Post-Partisan' Obama

Exploiting a deep well of voter revulsion over partisan gridlock in Washington, Sen. Barack Obama is promising to do something that has not been done in modern U.S. politics: unite a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and independents behind an agenda of sweeping change.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama's Victory Speech

Giulanni and The Republicans: Warmongers of the Military Industrial COmplex

Huckabee on Gays and women’s rights: it's not pretty

Huck digs himself a hole and keeps on digging. It's pretty clear that he is a sincere evangelical. But that is not necessarily a recommendation. Here he disputes the notion that being gay is a pre-disposition and also supports the idea that abortion is wrong because all human life (apparently, from conception on) is equally valuable.

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Programmer was asked to help rig Florida election

Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the House of...(more) Florida at the time) tried to pay him to rig election vote counts.

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All the Evidence You Need to Impeach Bush and Cheney

The past year has seen the public exposure of enough evidence of old, ongoing, and new crimes, abuses of power, and impeachable offenses by George Bush and Dick Cheney that in any remotely representative democracy, these two thugs would be out of office and behind bars. Here's the evidence and why we should continue to push for impeachment.

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The Politico: Fred Thompson may drop out

GOP sources say a poor finish in Iowa may cause him to give up and endorse John McCain.

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