Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Senate Approves Surveillance Bill, Preserves Telecom Immunit

(While're eating shit with the Clemens/Mithcell bullshit) The Senate voted today to preserve retroactive immunity from lawsuits for telecommunications companies that cooperated with a government eavesdropping program, decisively rejecting an amendment that would have stripped the provision from a bill to modernize an electronic surveillance law.

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So what does this mean?
Best said by Napoleaon16:They didn't just vote for immunity, they voted to allow WARRANT-LESS DOMESTIC SPYING. That's the bigger issue here.The Democrats did NOT have to even consider this bill. They had it within their power to table this unconstitutional legislation, yet they chose not to.Bush kidnapped and imprisoned American citizens and denied them both counsel and a day in court. Democrats legalized his actions with the Military Commissions Act; thus killing Habeas Corpus.Bush aimed America's spy satellites inward and gave access to regular law enforcement, all in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. Democrats said "okay, just keep us informed about any future moves."Bush illegally spied on the electronic communications and financial transactions of tens of millions of Americans, without a warrant and without probable cause. Democrats legalized his actions.Bush and the Democrats are AGAINST us. Put your party politics aside for just one season and realize that. These people are colluding against our Constitutionally recognized rights. How many of you are going to continue apologizing for the president? How many are going to keep making excuses for the Democrats?These fuckers are in it together

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