Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back to it 3.2008

Back in action:
Did I miss anything? Oh wait:

But then out of the blue, like a shot that true:

Here I come to save the day!
I don;t know, I know Obamas right, but do people? The Media Machine if out there fucking shit up so bad, I wonder.

I am glad I had this as a tool, to convince my mother, brother and family to stay with Obama. Long time Republicans voting along with the rest of Cubans here in Miami, they never really saw too many side to the election and with the media pouring into this ridiculousness of this situation it gave me great pride that Mr. Obama came out and with a calm cool manner, to paraphrase Jon Stewart, speak to America like we were adults.
and with this video I help ebb some of the first struck anger, and justifiable outrage over Reverend Wright words, but I must tell you that it's not done:
The Spanish media, at least in Miami, if only seeing this one sided, and if the Obama campaign wants to make stride address them as the same as you addressed everyone in some way, We really need to. It's startling how little Latinos know about Mr. Obama, and how scary it is to see how this has been used in a very controlled and contrived Latin media market to make him look bad. I can hope you all do what you can to bring this message more so that we can understand as well as my family did of what happened.

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