Saturday, March 22, 2008

Change Congress

Aftr reading an article about this on BoingBoing and then WIRED on Larry Lessigs WIkipedia approach to changing congress, and the smart idea of using this big series of tubes your on now to actually ferment a change, I thought I would track as best as possible to follow, read, and participate in the Change Congress project, and hopefully report its uses and goings ons of the site.
One of the things that intrigued is finally a good wording on a problem that seemed to have so many angles and nothing to pin down, but as as Lessig said:
"The problem we face is ... the problem of crony capitalism using money to capture government," he said on Monday during the launch of his project in Washington, DC. "The challenge is whether in fact we can change this. The political experts tell you that it can't be done, that process always win over substance."

The premise is this: Members of Congress Have four things they must PLEDGE by: (1) a promise not to accept PAC or lobbyist contributions, (2) a commitment to abolish "earmarks" permanently, (3) a commitment to support public financing of public elections, and (4) a commitment to compel transparency in the functioning of Congress. Once a candidate or Member selects the planks he or she supports, the site will give the candidate code to embed that pledge on the campaign website.

SO maybe this can be a popularity totem pole for them to clamor for and hopefully clean DC up in the same faction but first lets see who pledges, no?
More to come

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